Detailed Information

Kmart Echuca K Hub is a renowned retail chain that originated in Burwood East, Victoria in 1969, with a vision to provide an affordable lifestyle to all Australians. Over the years, Kmart has evolved into a trusted Australian icon, reshaping the retail landscape in Australia and New Zealand. With over 300 stores spread across both countries, Kmart has become an integral part of numerous communities, offering a diverse range of products to millions of customers annually.

At Kmart, innovation is at the core of our business philosophy. We strive to enhance the shopping experience for our customers by consistently delivering low prices on a wide array of products, both in-store and online. With a dedicated team of over 44,000 members worldwide, Kmart is committed to providing families with easy access to everyday essentials at the most competitive prices. Our extensive network includes retail outlets, distribution centers, and offices in Australia, New Zealand, and various global locations, all working towards a common goal of offering quality products at affordable rates.

As part of the Kmart Group, which includes Target Australia and is owned by Wesfarmers, Kmart boasts the largest direct sourcing business in the southern hemisphere. Our emphasis on product design, merchandising, and sourcing enables us to create over 80% of the products available in our stores and online platforms. By leveraging our strong supplier relationships and sourcing capabilities, we can deliver exceptional products at cost-effective prices, ensuring that our customers benefit from significant savings. Join us at Kmart Echuca K Hub for a fulfilling career and a promising future, where brighter opportunities await.