Detailed Information

Kiweli Kennels & Kattery is a reputable pet boarding facility located in Armidale, established in 1995. Originally known as “Tilbuster Cottage,” the property has evolved over the years to cater to the needs of furry friends from the region. With dedicated staff on-site 24/7, the facility offers a safe and comfortable environment for dogs and cats, ensuring peace of mind for pet owners.

Operated by Tracey and Erroll Goulding, Kiweli Kennels & Kattery is led by individuals with extensive experience in animal care and business management. Tracey, a passionate animal lover and former RSPCA employee, brings expertise in breeding Papillons and Bengals. Erroll, with a background in finance, shares a love for animals and bird watching. Together, they oversee the operations and growth of the facility, continuously enhancing the boarding experience for pets.

  • Kiweli Kennels offers various accommodation options for dogs, including areas tailored for big dogs, little dogs, precious pets, and deluxe stays. The facility boasts multiple secure exercise yards where dogs can socialize and play based on their energy levels and attitudes. Additionally, the Kattery provides a stimulating environment for cats to explore and relax, with scratching posts and safe outdoor enclosures.
  • For pet owners seeking additional services, Kiweli Kennels & Kattery offers a hydrobath facility to ensure pets return home refreshed and clean after their stay. Whether it’s doggy day care for energetic pups or long-term boarding for feline companions, the facility caters to a range of pet care needs, prioritizing the well-being and happiness of all furry guests.