Detailed Information

Kdolls Ragdolls is a distinguished registered pedigree Ragdoll breeder located in Spring Farm, NSW, just 45 minutes from Sydney CBD. Specializing in the enchanting Ragdoll breed, Kdolls Ragdolls is driven by a deep passion for these captivating felines. With a commitment to raising healthy, well-socialized, and stunning Ragdoll kittens, the journey of Kdolls Ragdolls began with a profound love and admiration for the breed’s striking blue eyes, silky fur, and gentle, affectionate nature.

As a registered pedigree Ragdoll breeder, Kdolls Ragdolls adheres to strict breeding standards set by reputable cat associations. Their breeding cats, sourced from champion bloodlines, ensure the highest quality and adherence to breed standards. Prioritizing the health, temperament, and beauty of their Ragdolls, Kdolls Ragdolls strives to produce kittens that embody the true essence of the breed. With a focus on health and well-being, Kdolls Ragdolls works closely with trusted veterinarians to ensure regular health screenings and genetic testing for their breeding cats, aiming to produce kittens free from hereditary diseases.

Committed to responsible breeding practices, Kdolls Ragdolls emphasizes socialization and temperament in raising their Ragdoll kittens. Raised in a loving home environment, the kittens receive constant care, attention, and exposure to various stimuli from an early age. By promoting ethical breeding practices and the overall welfare of their cats, Kdolls Ragdolls aims to contribute positively to the Ragdoll breed and maintain its integrity for future generations to enjoy.