Detailed Information

Kate’s Family Pets, established in July 1994 by Dr. Kate Schoeffel, holds the prestigious title of being the world’s first breeder of Miniature Labradoodles. With a strong commitment to cross-breeding for optimal health and temperament, Kate has been dedicated to providing exceptional pets for families across Australia for over two decades. Situated on 500 acres of picturesque farmland overlooking the Ben Chifley Dam in O’Connell, Kate’s kennels offer a serene and spacious environment for her beloved animals.

Specializing in Miniature Labradoodles, Kate’s Family Pets prides itself on producing well-rounded and affectionate companions that seamlessly integrate into family life. These Miniature Labradoodles are carefully bred to exhibit the best qualities of both the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle, resulting in intelligent, friendly, and hypoallergenic pets that are ideal for families with various needs and preferences. Visitors are warmly welcomed to Kate’s kennels to witness firsthand the loving care and attention each animal receives in their beautiful rural setting.

Dr. Kate Schoeffel’s passion for breeding Miniature Labradoodles shines through in every aspect of Kate’s Family Pets. With a focus on quality, health, and temperament, Kate ensures that each pet leaving her kennels is well-socialized, healthy, and ready to bring joy and companionship to their new families. Whether you’re looking for a loyal four-legged friend or a playful addition to your household, Kate’s Family Pets offers a unique and reputable breeding program that has delighted families across Australia for years.