Detailed Information

Karrah Creek Australian Cobberdogs is a reputable and ethical breeder located in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Specializing in the Australian Cobberdog breed, known for their loving, intelligent, and friendly temperament, Karrah Creek is dedicated to matching these unique companions with forever homes that appreciate the special bond between dog and human. As members of the Master Dog Breeders & Associates and the Queensland Dog Breeder Register, they adhere to the highest ethical standards in their breeding practices.

The Australian Cobberdog, also known as the “Mates for Life,” is a versatile breed suitable for families, assistance work, companionship, therapy, and medical alert roles. With traits such as responsiveness to training, gentle temperament, and a strong human connection, these dogs make wonderful additions to any household. Karrah Creek offers Cobberdogs in various sizes, including miniature, small-medium, medium, and large medium, with coat colors ranging from white and cream to red, gold, black, and more.

At Karrah Creek, the focus is not only on providing high-quality Cobberdogs but also on ensuring a smooth transition for both the puppies and their new owners. With a commitment to open communication, transparent practices, and a deep love for their dogs, Karrah Creek Australian Cobberdogs stands out as a caring and reliable source for those seeking a loyal and affectionate companion.