Detailed Information

Kali Kennels, based in Adelaide, South Australia, is a reputable Rottweiler breeding business dedicated to producing Rottweilers with the original breed characteristics – strong bodies, massive muscle, excellent temperament, and large heads. With years of experience working with this noble breed, Kali Kennels has established a strict code of ethics in Rottweiler breeding, ensuring the incorporation of the best bloodlines available into their kennel.

Each breeding at Kali Kennels is meticulously planned and researched to guarantee the highest quality of puppies. The business focuses on offering only a select few quality litters each year, allowing ample time to devote to the care and training of each litter. By carefully selecting breeding pairs, Kali Kennels maintains a top-notch breeding program that consistently produces exceptional Rottweiler progeny with outstanding working lines.

At Kali Kennels, every dog undergoes JLPP or internationally recognized hip certifications, with health clearances in place. The business provides lifetime breeder support for all Rottweiler puppies and dogs sold. Prospective buyers interested in purchasing a Rottweiler puppy can expect personalized assistance in finding the perfect match. Kali Kennels ships their Rottweiler puppies worldwide and interstate, ensuring that these well-bred dogs find loving homes across the globe.