Detailed Information

K9 Pro – The K9 Professionals is a renowned dog training, behavior consultancy, and equipment supplier located in Londonderry, NSW, Australia. Specializing in providing top-quality training services for dogs and families, K9 Pro is dedicated to delivering exceptional results through specialized and customized training options. Led by Steve Courtney, the team at K9 Pro focuses on addressing behavior problems, enhancing performance dogs, and assisting with puppy training from the ground up, emphasizing aspects such as selection, genetics, imprinting, training, and raising.

As a leading online dog equipment supplier in the Southern Hemisphere, K9 Pro caters to a diverse clientele, including government departments, police dog units, military working dog units, councils, shelters, rescues, dog trainers, and pet owners across Australia and beyond. The company not only offers a wide range of high-quality products but also designs and manufactures many items in-house, ensuring superior quality and functionality. With a commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, K9 Pro prides itself on providing detailed profiles and bios of its team members, fostering trust and credibility among its customers.

Moreover, K9 Pro is actively involved in breeding Working Line Belgian Malinois and Working Line Labradors under the Herzhund label, focusing on aspects such as selection, genetics, imprinting, training, and care to produce exceptional working dogs known as “Heart Dogs.” With a strong emphasis on customer service, product quality, and expertise in dog training and behavior, K9 Pro stands out as a trusted partner for dog enthusiasts, professionals, and organizations seeking top-notch training solutions and premium dog equipment.