Detailed Information

K9 Focus & Fun is a reputable dog training business serving the Latrobe Valley and Baw Baw areas, dedicated to helping dog owners build a positive and enjoyable relationship with their furry companions. With a focus on addressing common struggles such as leash pulling, barking, and basic obedience, K9 Focus & Fun offers individual and group training sessions tailored to each dog and owner’s specific needs. The team at K9 Focus & Fun is Pro Dog Trainer qualified and experienced in utilizing games-based approaches to transform training challenges into strengths, resulting in real-life transformations for both dogs and their owners.

Specializing in puppy training and service/therapy dog programs, K9 Focus & Fun provides personalized assessments and introductory lessons to determine the most suitable training option for each client. Whether it’s teaching puppies essential skills or assisting in training service dogs to meet specific requirements, the business ensures a tailored approach to meet the unique goals of every dog owner. As an affiliate partner with Absolute Dogs, K9 Focus & Fun also offers access to online programs to further support clients in their training journey.

For those seeking the convenience of in-home training or prefer smaller class sizes for more individual attention, K9 Focus & Fun offers classes that come to you. By combining expertise in dog behavior with a passion for teaching both dogs and their owners, the business aims to inject fun back into training sessions and foster well-mannered dogs that bring joy and companionship in and out of the home.