Detailed Information

Just Dogs Grooming Rokeby is a premier dog grooming salon that has been serving the Rokeby community since September 2016. Committed to providing top-notch grooming services, Just Dogs takes pride in its personalized approach to each furry client. With a motto of “It’s all about the dog,” the salon offers longer grooming appointments to ensure each dog receives the attention and care they deserve. By focusing on individualized grooming sessions, Just Dogs creates a calm and relaxed environment for dogs, resulting in better behavior and happier pets.

  • High-Quality Grooming Services: Just Dogs Grooming Rokeby boasts experienced groomers who are dedicated to delivering high-quality grooming services tailored to each dog’s specific needs. From a simple bath and blow dry to breed-specific grooming standards, the salon offers a full range of grooming options to keep your furry friend looking and feeling their best.
  • Personalized Approach: Understanding that every dog is unique, Just Dogs takes the time to get to know each dog on an individual basis. Customers have the opportunity to meet the groomer upon arrival and discuss any specific requirements or preferences for their dog’s grooming session. This personalized approach ensures that both dogs and their owners leave the salon happy and satisfied.
  • Focus on Health and Safety: At Just Dogs Grooming Rokeby, the well-being of your pet is paramount. The salon is equipped to handle a variety of grooming needs and prioritizes the health and safety of every dog in their care. With a team of experienced groomers and a commitment to providing a service they would want for their own pets, Just Dogs ensures that your furry friend receives the best care and attention during their grooming session.