Detailed Information

Joan Lloyd Consulting Pty Ltd offers expert animal health support services for sustainable livestock farming. With 37 years of experience in the animal health industry, Joan Lloyd brings a wealth of knowledge, creative thinking, and a deep passion for the health and welfare of animals to all aspects of her work. Established in 2008, Joan Lloyd Consulting has built a strong reputation for providing well-thought-out animal health support to the livestock industries, focusing primarily on cattle, sheep, and goats.

Joan Lloyd’s consulting services encompass a wide range of expertise, including veterinary infectious diseases, control options, food safety, and best practices for farm animal husbandry. She has worked with various clients, including the pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, agricultural research corporations, veterinarians, and farmers. Joan’s commitment to delivering high-quality, professional services is evident in her extensive experience in managing research projects, conducting diagnostic testing, and providing technical advice to support the health and wellbeing of her clients’ animals.

With a strong background in veterinary medicine, pathology, immunology, and virology, Joan Lloyd Consulting is dedicated to helping livestock farmers enhance their animal health and welfare practices. Joan’s holistic approach to animal health support, combined with her broad education and training experience, makes her a trusted partner for those seeking expert guidance in managing livestock health challenges and implementing sustainable farming practices.