Detailed Information

Jason Harris Dog Training Facility is a premier dog training center dedicated to helping dog owners develop well-behaved and balanced canine companions. With a wealth of experience as a former Military Police Dog Handler and professional dog trainer, Jason Harris brings a unique approach to training dogs of all temperaments, including reactive and aggressive dogs. Unlike many trainers who rely solely on positive reinforcement methods, Jason’s training techniques are tailored to each dog’s individual needs, ensuring effective results in real-world scenarios.

At Jason Harris Dog Training Facility, clients can choose from a range of training programs designed to address specific behavioral issues and improve obedience skills. From the Puppy Foundation Program for young dogs to the advanced Level 2 program for off-leash control in distracting environments, Jason offers comprehensive training solutions to meet every dog owner’s needs. With a focus on communication and understanding between dogs and their owners, Jason’s training methods aim to create a strong bond that motivates dogs to work and behave positively.

Whether you’re looking to correct behavioral problems, enhance obedience skills, or prepare your dog for specialized tasks like therapy work, Jason Harris Dog Training Facility provides expert guidance and support. With a full-time training facility equipped with a variety of dogs for practical training sessions, Jason ensures that clients receive hands-on experience in managing their dogs in challenging situations. Discover the difference that personalized, no-nonsense training can make in transforming your dog into a well-adjusted and obedient companion at Jason Harris Dog Training Facility.