Detailed Information

It’s Not About The Dog – Dog Training Brisbane is a leading dog training service based in Wishart and serving the greater Brisbane area. Led by the experienced and passionate K9 coach Zigrid, the business specializes in providing science-based training methods to help dog owners address a variety of behavioral issues. Whether you have a new puppy that needs guidance from the start, a dog that barks excessively, or one that displays reactive behavior, Zigrid is dedicated to empowering dog parents with the knowledge and skills to understand and communicate effectively with their canine companions.

The dog training programs offered by It’s Not About The Dog are designed to create a strong bond between dogs and their owners by fostering clear communication and mutual understanding. Zigrid’s approach focuses on positive reinforcement and force-free techniques to address common challenges faced by dog owners. From puppy classes to private lessons, the training sessions are engaging and tailored to help dog parents navigate the complexities of pet parenting and build a well-mannered family member.

With a commitment to providing support and tools for successful dog training, It’s Not About The Dog aims to help dog owners feel confident and empowered in handling various situations that may arise with their furry companions. Whether you are located in Brisbane or Hobart, Zigrid offers expert guidance and personalized coaching to ensure that both you and your dog have a positive and enriching training experience.