Detailed Information

Invictus Kennels, located on the Gold Coast in Australia, is a premier working dog kennel founded by Natasha Bow, a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in dogsport. Specializing in breeding for workability and temperament, Invictus Kennels has a strong focus on producing dogs that excel in various disciplines such as Schutzhund, IPO, PSA, Obedience, and Tracking. Many of the dogs bred at Invictus Kennels also serve in civil operational roles, showcasing the versatility and reliability of their breeding program.

Natasha Bow, the driving force behind Invictus Kennels, has achieved remarkable success in the competitive world of working dog sports. With titles including IPO3, Sch3, BH, PDC, Endurance/AD, and WAE, Natasha’s dedication to breeding and training high-caliber working dogs is evident. As a founding member of the Cerberus K9 Sporting club, Natasha brings over a decade of expertise to producing strong working litters that consistently perform at elite levels.

At Invictus Kennels, a commitment to excellence and innovation sets them apart. Notable achievements include world and Australian firsts, such as Natasha’s Malinois, Blitz, who made history by obtaining multiple titles and breaking records in 2019. With a focus on socially responsible breeding practices and a track record of producing exceptional working dogs, Invictus Kennels is the go-to destination for those seeking top-tier working line puppies with unparalleled performance capabilities.