Detailed Information

International Horse Breeders (IHB) is a renowned horse breeding establishment located at 50 Mill’s Road, Eppalock, Victoria, Australia. What sets IHB apart in the horse breeding industry is its unique focus on serving a diverse range of equine disciplines. Whether you are passionate about dressage, jumping, eventing, or Western disciplines, IHB offers a wide selection of stallions to cater to your specific interests.

At IHB, visitors can explore a variety of horse breeds, including Warmbloods, Quarter Horses, Friesians, Welsh Cobs, Connemaras, German Riding Ponies, and Pure Spanish horses. The stud gallery showcases an impressive lineup of stallions from different disciplines, allowing enthusiasts to browse through a comprehensive selection of breeding options. Additionally, IHB provides the convenience of navigating to specific semen suppliers to view their stallions and terms of sale, making the breeding process streamlined and efficient for customers.

One of the standout stallions at IHB is About You II, a top-quality Warmblood with exceptional breeding credentials. With a lineage that includes renowned sires like AC-DC and Estobar NRW, About You II exemplifies the commitment to excellence and performance that IHB upholds in its breeding program. The pedigree of About You II reflects a legacy of success in dressage competitions, with multiple licensed stallions and Grand Prix champions tracing their lineage back to this exceptional bloodline.