Detailed Information

Inspire Me Dog Training is a professional dog training business based in Clyde North, serving South-East Melbourne and surrounding areas. The team at Inspire Me Dog Training is dedicated to providing high-quality and affordable dog training services to help owners develop strong bonds with their canine companions. Using positive reinforcement techniques and a focus on building respectful relationships, they aim to eliminate problem behaviors and equip owners with the skills needed to effectively handle their dogs.

Owner and operator, Michelle Farrow, is an accredited National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) behavioral dog trainer with a passion for rehabilitating and training ex-rescue dogs, particularly Arctic breeds. Michelle’s expertise, along with the experienced team of trainers, ensures that each dog receives personalized attention and effective training methods tailored to their specific needs. From puppy pre-school to obedience classes and private training sessions, Inspire Me Dog Training offers a range of services to cater to various training requirements.

The team at Inspire Me Dog Training includes skilled trainers such as Briar Sutherland, Narelle Dalton, Carly McDonald, and Mick O’Brien, who collectively bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business. Whether you have a new puppy in need of basic training or a reactive dog requiring specialized attention, the team at Inspire Me Dog Training is committed to helping you and your furry friend achieve a harmonious and fulfilling relationship through positive reinforcement and effective training techniques.