Detailed Information

Inja Labradoodles & Oodle Farmstay, located in Kurrajong, NSW, is a reputable breeder specializing in Labradoodles. With a focus on breeding bundles of joy, their specially selected breeding mums and dads produce Labradoodle pups in a variety of colors and sizes. Committed to ethical breeding practices, they prioritize the physical health and temperament of their pups, adhering to stringent breeding standards to ensure the best genetic makeup.

Additionally, Inja Labradoodles & Oodle Farmstay offers Oodle Farm Stay, an exclusive farm retreat for all types of “oooh’s.” Situated on 5 picturesque acres of land, the farm stay provides a cozy environment for dogs without kennels, offering them a spot on the couch instead. As registered breeders with the World Australia Labradoodle Association (WALA), they uphold high breeding standards, with a NSW Breeder Identification Number of B000912286.

Founded by a passionate dog lover with a background in corporate roles, Inja Labradoodles & Oodle Farmstay is a labor of love that stemmed from a deep appreciation for the joy and companionship dogs bring. Through their dedication to ethical breeding and personalized care for each dog, they aim to create loving and well-adjusted pups ready to become cherished members of your family.