Detailed Information

iWalk Your Dog is a professional dog walking and dog training service based in the Hills District, serving areas such as Kellyville, Castle Hill, Stanhope Gardens, Rouse Hill, The Ponds, Winston Hills, and more. Led by Ivanka, a highly recommended and experienced dog trainer, the business goes beyond just a walk in the park. With a focus on exercise, training, and play, iWalk Your Dog aims to ensure that companion pets are happy, healthy, and well-mannered.

As the owner of iWalk Your Dog, Ivanka brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for helping dogs and their owners. With qualifications in dog training and behavior, Ivanka is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to dog walking and training. By utilizing science-based positive reinforcement methods, she aims to create a fun, easy, and effective experience for both dogs and their families. Whether it’s socialization experiences for puppies or remedial training for adult dogs, iWalk Your Dog strives to help dogs become the best family pets they can be.

With a background in commuting and feeling the guilt of leaving her own dogs at home all day, Ivanka’s personal journey has led her to create iWalk Your Dog. By understanding the needs of both dogs and their owners, Ivanka is committed to transforming the relationship between pets and their families. If you’re looking for a reliable and caring dog walking and training service in the Hills District, iWalk Your Dog is the ideal choice to ensure your furry companion is well taken care of.