Detailed Information

Howling Success Dog Training is a premier dog training business located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, NSW. Specializing in working with rescue dogs, our team of experienced and qualified professional dog trainers are dedicated to providing force-free training methods to help your furry companion become a Howling Success.

With a combined 16 years of hands-on experience in a No Kill Animal Shelter, our team members have a deep understanding of the needs of rescue dogs of all breeds and temperaments. We offer a range of services including Puppy School, Manners Classes, Private Consults, and one-on-one training focused walks to cater to dogs of all ages and training needs.

Our team members, including Jess, Nathan, Abbey, Lily, and Naja, bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in dog training and behavior. Each team member has a unique specialization, from dog-dog reactivity to leash walking skills, ensuring that your dog receives personalized attention and care to help them overcome behavioral issues and fears. Choose Howling Success Dog Training for a compassionate and effective approach to training your beloved pet.