Detailed Information

Hounds of Heck is a premier dog training business founded by Grace Heck, a seasoned competitor in the world of Agility with over a decade of experience. Specializing in positive-based training methods, Hounds of Heck aims to help dog owners build a stronger bond with their furry companions. Grace’s impressive track record includes being the UKI US Open 2022 Masters Series Champion and an alternate for WAO Team USA 2023, showcasing her expertise and dedication to the sport.

With a passion for agility and a deep understanding of the mental and emotional aspects of dog training, Grace Heck brings a unique perspective to her coaching style. Known for her attention to detail and systematic approach, Grace focuses on refining handling techniques and ensuring dogs understand each skill thoroughly before progressing to more complex sequences. Her commitment to the well-being of both the dog and handler shines through in every class she teaches, making Hounds of Heck a go-to destination for those looking to excel in the world of dog agility.

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