Detailed Information

Horsham PAWS boutique op shop is a leading establishment dedicated to championing high standards of animal welfare in the Horsham Municipality. Committed to the vision of achieving zero overpopulation of companion animals, Horsham PAWS actively engages in various initiatives to promote and support the welfare of animals within the community. Through strategic partnerships, fundraising efforts, organizing events, providing direct care, and offering public education, Horsham PAWS plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being of companion animals.

Collaborating closely with the Horsham Rural City Council, Horsham PAWS facilitates the rehousing of suitable impounded pets in the municipality. Additionally, the organization extends its services to accepting animals directly from owners for rehousing purposes. Under an 84Y agreement with the council, Horsham PAWS undertakes the fostering of impounded pets awaiting adoption, further solidifying its commitment to finding loving homes for animals in need. The dedicated team at Horsham PAWS, including Lacey M., Joan H., and Isaac B., works tirelessly to uphold the values of compassion and responsibility towards animals.