Detailed Information

Hooked on Hounds is a family-owned business based in East Kurrajong, NSW, founded by Nat and Dan, who have a lifelong passion for dogs. With a mission to help owners create a better relationship with their canine companions, Hooked on Hounds offers a range of services tailored to each individual dog. From Board and Train programs to Obedience and Behavioral work, as well as Dog Boarding, Herding Sessions, and Scent Training, all breeds, ages, shapes, and sizes are welcome.

Recognizing the challenges many dog owners face with behavioral issues and miscommunication, Hooked on Hounds focuses on helping people reconnect with their best friends and understand them on a deeper level. The team, led by Nat and Dan, brings years of experience working with various breeds, including herding dogs, to address energy levels and strengthen the human-canine bond. Their approach to training is open-minded and tailored to each dog’s nature and temperament, utilizing a variety of methods such as Balanced Training, Clicker Training, and more.

Located in a farm-style setup with ample space for training and exploration, Hooked on Hounds ensures individualized attention by limiting kennel spaces. With a commitment to maintaining the highest standards, the team at Hooked on Hounds is dedicated to helping owners and their dogs thrive, offering a unique and personalized experience to enhance the relationship between dogs and their human companions.