Detailed Information

Holistic Vets Newcastle is a leading veterinary practice dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for your beloved animal companions. Led by a team of experienced and highly qualified veterinarians, including Dr. Kathy, Dr. Linda, and Dr. Caroline, our practice focuses on integrating conventional medicine with natural therapies to promote overall wellness and good health for pets. Our holistic approach encompasses addressing the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of animals, with a strong emphasis on natural, minimally processed diets and alternative treatments such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and laser therapy.

At Holistic Vets Newcastle, we strive to empower pet owners to actively participate in their animal’s healthcare journey, from birth to end of life. Our team offers a range of services including regular wellness consultations, behaviour therapy, end-of-life support, and at-home euthanasia services. We believe in a collaborative approach to veterinary care, working closely with pet owners to find the right balance between conventional and natural treatments for optimal long-term outcomes. Our dedication to promoting natural feeding practices and holistic therapies sets us apart as a trusted resource for pet health and well-being in the Newcastle community.

With a strong commitment to education, innovation, and personalized care, Holistic Vets Newcastle is a go-to destination for pet owners seeking holistic and integrative veterinary services. Whether your furry friend requires routine health maintenance, behavioural support, or end-of-life guidance, our team is here to provide expert care and support every step of the way. Discover the difference that holistic veterinary care can make in your pet’s life by scheduling a consultation with our dedicated team at Holistic Vets Newcastle.