Detailed Information

HOH Kennels is a reputable business specializing in behavioral modification for dogs, offering simple, affordable, and memorable solutions for pet owners. With a focus on creating custom and purpose-built training plans for each individual dog, HOH Kennels ensures that no two plans are alike. Transparency is key at HOH Kennels, as owners are provided with detailed documents outlining the training methods and regime their dog will undergo, fostering a strong sense of trust and understanding.

One of the standout services offered by HOH Kennels is their expertise in addressing issues such as aggression, reactivity, possessiveness, and lead pulling in dogs. Through their meticulous approach to behavioral modification, HOH Kennels has become a go-to destination for owners seeking effective solutions for their pet’s challenging behaviors. Additionally, as breeders of the Hollandse Herder/Belgian Malinois, HOH Kennels is dedicated to preserving and improving this remarkable breed by producing healthy, well-tempered, and structurally sound dogs that excel in both working and companion roles.

Located at 93 Beames Avenue in Rooty Hill, NSW, HOH Kennels invites pet owners to reach out and discover how their team can work with their pup to achieve the desired results. By prioritizing individualized training plans, transparent communication, and a commitment to breed preservation, HOH Kennels stands out as a trusted partner for those seeking professional behavioral modification services and high-quality breed standards.