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Hobart Dog Training Club is a premier canine training facility located in Hobart, Tasmania. With a focus on empowering dog owners to effectively train their furry companions, the club’s motto “We Teach You So You Can Teach Your Dog” encapsulates their dedication to providing comprehensive training programs for dogs of all ages and skill levels. Classes are held on Sundays throughout the year at The Domain Crossroads Oval, offering a convenient and consistent schedule for dog owners seeking to enhance their bond with their pets.

The club’s training philosophy is rooted in positive reinforcement techniques, eschewing the use of adversive training methods or equipment such as E Collars, Slip Chains, or Prong Collars. Whether you have a new puppy or an older dog in need of basic training, Hobart Dog Training Club offers classes ranging from beginners to trialing standard. Their commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment ensures that both dogs and their owners can thrive and achieve their training goals.

While the club focuses on basic obedience training and dog sports, they emphasize that their classes may not be suitable for dogs displaying anxious or reactive behaviors. In such cases, the club provides guidance on seeking private trainers who specialize in behavior modification. With a range of membership options available, including Family, Single, and Concession memberships, Hobart Dog Training Club is dedicated to promoting responsible dog ownership and fostering positive relationships between dogs and their owners.