Detailed Information

Hobark Dog Training is Hobart’s premier dog training service, led by Wendy and Maddie, who are dedicated to providing top-notch training for dogs of all ages and breeds. Specializing in early puppy development, assistance dogs, and general obedience, Wendy and Maddie are ethical trainers who prioritize positive reinforcement techniques to foster strong relationships between humans and their canine companions. Each training session is personalized to meet the unique needs of both the dog and their owner.

With a focus on early puppy development and adolescent training, Hobark Dog Training offers a range of services including puppy school, home visits, and out-and-about training sessions. They also provide specialized programs for reactive dogs and behavior problem solving, helping owners address issues such as pulling on the lead, excessive barking, and more. Additionally, Hobark Dog Training offers Mind Dog Assistance Dogs training and accreditation for those in need of support animals.

Located in beautiful South Arm, Hobark Dog Training serves the Southern Tasmania region, offering services in neighborhoods such as Hobart, Kingston, and Brighton. Wendy and Maddie’s passion for working with dogs shines through in their commitment to helping owners build strong bonds with their pets. Whether you’re preparing for a new puppy or seeking assistance with behavior challenges, Hobark Dog Training is dedicated to providing expert guidance and support for both dogs and their owners.