Detailed Information

Hill Top Family Pups is a reputable small-scale breeding business located in the picturesque Lockyer Valley, just an hour’s drive from Brisbane, Australia. Specializing in breeding Cavagroodles (Mini Groodles) and Mini Retrievers, our mission is to produce healthy puppies with excellent temperaments that are well-suited for family life. Our dogs are not just breeding stock, but cherished members of our family, living happily with daily access to spacious play areas where they can frolic and socialize.

All our puppies are bred from parents who have undergone Full Breed Profile DNA Testing to ensure they are free of any testable genetic hereditary diseases. Hill Top Family Pups is a registered member of the AAPDB (Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders) and adheres to their high standards, with our premises undergoing annual vet audits. Additionally, we are proud members of the Queensland Dog Breeder Register, with a Breeder Identification Number: BIN0008004909261.

At Hill Top Family Pups, the welfare of our puppies is paramount. We carefully screen potential owners before they reserve a pup and provide comprehensive support through a detailed Puppy Book/Guide and ongoing assistance to ensure a smooth transition and continued care for their new furry family member. Customers have the option to pick up their puppy from our location or have their pup flown to the nearest airport, with us handling all arrangements at the breeder’s rate.