Detailed Information

Helping Hounds Dog Training is a premier dog training business specializing in the popular and engaging sport of K9 Nose Work®. Led by experienced trainer Jennifer Alleyne, the business focuses on helping dogs rediscover their natural search instincts through odour-training games that utilize their strong sense of smell. By incorporating recommended practices from the Australian Veterinary Association and Veterinarian Behaviourists, Helping Hounds ensures that dogs receive focused and well-mannered training.

Jennifer Alleyne, with over 20 years of experience in dog training, has a passion for helping dogs like Ollie, a rescue dog with anxiety-based behavior issues. Through positive-reward training techniques and her Certified Canine K9 Nose Work® Instructor CNWI™ title, Jennifer aims to strengthen the bond between dogs and their human families. She is dedicated to providing enriching experiences for dogs through K9 Nose Work® and regularly hosts events such as Odour Recognition Tests and Nose Work trials in Victoria.

With a commitment to ongoing education and staying updated on the latest canine behavior research, Jennifer Alleyne of Helping Hounds Dog Training is a trusted expert in the field. Her qualifications include a Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services from the Delta Society, as well as various obedience, agility, and K9 Nose Work® titles. By offering a therapeutic and bonding experience for both dogs and their owners, Helping Hounds Dog Training is dedicated to helping dogs thrive and enjoy their world through engaging enrichment activities.