Detailed Information

Havsluv Havanese is a reputable business located near the stunning southern beaches of Wollongong, specializing in the breeding and care of Havanese dogs. With a deep passion for the Havanese breed, the team at Havsluv prides themselves on their love for these intelligent and affectionate dogs. They believe that every Havanese in their care is a cherished member of the family, receiving top-notch socialization with both other dogs and children of all ages.

At Havsluv Havanese, the owner brings over 20 years of experience in showing and grooming dogs, along with a background in animal studies and veterinary work. Their dedication to the well-being of their dogs is evident in the meticulous care and attention each Havanese receives. Known for their low to non-shedding coat similar to a Poodle, Havanese are an ideal choice for individuals with allergies, as highlighted by the owner’s own experience with their son’s asthma.

With a commitment to providing well-socialized, healthy, and beautiful Havanese dogs, Havsluv Havanese stands out as a trusted source for those looking to welcome a new furry companion into their lives. Located in a picturesque coastal setting, the dogs at Havsluv enjoy regular outings to the beach, reflecting the business’s dedication to ensuring their dogs lead happy and fulfilling lives.