Detailed Information

Welcome to Harbourside Veterinary Hospital, a trusted local destination in Wentworth Point, NSW, dedicated to providing exceptional veterinary care for pets in the community. As a licensed establishment approved by the Veterinary Surgeons Board of NSW, we uphold stringent standards to ensure the well-being of your beloved companions. Our comprehensive services include consultations, vaccinations, surgical interventions, ultrasound, x-rays, and specialized orthopedic procedures. We also offer house visits for added convenience and comfort for your pet.

Dr. Ben Ajilian, a distinguished veterinary professional with over two decades of experience, leads our team with a strong commitment to companion animal medicine and surgery. His expertise spans various aspects of small animal medicine and surgery, with a notable emphasis on orthopedic procedures. Dr. Ajilian’s contributions to reputable institutions and his continuous pursuit of knowledge through specialized training make him a valuable asset in providing top-tier veterinary care rooted in compassion and innovation.

Our team also includes Tiffany, a respected senior veterinarian with a passion for exotic medicine and small animal behavior, and Dr. Polly Wang, a dedicated senior veterinarian specializing in small animal care. Together with our proficient veterinary nurses like Jamielee and Tisha, we strive to deliver comprehensive and compassionate support to pets and their human companions. Join us at Harbourside Veterinary Hospital, where expertise meets empathy, and your pet’s health takes center stage.