Detailed Information

Happy Dogs is a dog training business founded on the principle that all dogs deserve to be happy. With a focus on positive reinforcement and force-free, science-based training methods, Happy Dogs aims to create a positive and enjoyable learning experience for both dogs and their owners. By avoiding aversives and corrections, the business emphasizes teaching desirable behaviors and setting dogs up for success, fostering a strong bond of trust, love, and respect between dogs and their guardians.

Whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, Happy Dogs is dedicated to helping you understand your canine companion and develop a harmonious relationship based on mutual understanding. The business offers personalized training programs tailored to each dog’s unique personality and learning style, ensuring effective communication and successful outcomes. From basic manners to addressing complex behavioral issues, Happy Dogs focuses on coaching dog owners to train their pets using fun and positive techniques for a happier life together.

Founded by Michelle Vecsei, a passionate animal lover with a background in animal behavior and training, Happy Dogs combines expertise in animal communication and behavior with a commitment to promoting positivity and happiness. Michelle’s extensive education and experience in working with a variety of animals, coupled with her dedication to coaching people with diverse learning styles, make Happy Dogs a trusted partner in helping dogs and their owners achieve a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.