Detailed Information

Happy Dog Training, located in Bundall, Gold Coast, is a premier dog training service dedicated to transforming the lives of dogs and their owners. Owned by Mike, the number one dog trainer on the Gold Coast, Happy Dog Training prides itself on delivering exceptional results for dogs of all breeds, ages, and behaviors. Mike’s approach focuses on mental fatigue as the key to addressing behavioral issues, such as anxiety, aggression, separation anxiety, reactiveness, barking, recall, and leash pulling.

At Happy Dog Training, individualized programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each dog and owner. Unlike group training sessions, Mike works with clients in various settings, including homes, walks, dog parks, and beaches, to address behavioral issues where they occur. With a focus on educating owners and debunking common misconceptions, Happy Dog Training guarantees results within three sessions, with noticeable improvements often seen after the first session.

Whether your dog struggles with unnecessary barking, leash pulling, jumping on visitors, or other behavioral challenges, Happy Dog Training offers a solution. Clients praise Mike for his expertise, passion, and ability to restore harmony between dogs and their owners. If you’re seeking a reliable and effective dog training service on the Gold Coast, look no further than Happy Dog Training to help your furry companion thrive.