Detailed Information

Hair of the Dog Training is a reputable business based in Central Auckland, specializing in canine behavior and training. Led by Teo, a certified professional through the NZCAM Canine Behaviour and Training program, the business offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of both dogs and their owners. From group classes and workshops to personalized 1:1 training sessions, Hair of the Dog Training is dedicated to fostering a strong bond between pets and their families.

With a holistic approach to training, Hair of the Dog understands the importance of considering various factors such as breed traits, household dynamics, and individual goals when working with clients. Teo’s passion for animals led her to transition from a successful corporate career to pursue her true calling in pet training and behavior. Her experience in marketing for pets and hands-on work with dogs in different environments has equipped her with the skills to effectively communicate and bond with furry companions.

Whether you are looking to address specific behavioral issues or simply strengthen the relationship with your canine companion, Hair of the Dog Training is committed to helping you achieve your training goals. Roxy, the driving force behind the business, invites dog owners in Central Auckland to join their classes and private sessions for a rewarding experience in understanding and connecting with their beloved pets.