Detailed Information

Hahndorf Boutique Cat Boarding is a charming and intimate cat boarding facility nestled on 20 acres of picturesque countryside near Hahndorf, SA. Established in 2013, our cattery offers a unique and holistic approach to caring for your beloved feline companions. Managed by Kirstie, a highly experienced veterinary nurse, we prioritize the health and well-being of your cats above all else. Our goal is to minimize stress and ensure a comfortable stay by providing personalized attention, enrichments like cat grass and soothing music, and a tranquil environment.

At Hahndorf Boutique Cat Boarding, we cater to cats from Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, and surrounding areas, offering luxurious resort-style accommodations. Each guest enjoys spacious rooms with multi-level climbing facilities, private balconies for fresh air, and entertainment from a two-meter-long aquarium. Our small cattery allows us to focus on building strong bonds with each cat, ensuring both their physical and mental needs are met. Siblings can share rooms, or you can opt for interconnecting suites for multiple feline friends.

We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable and enriching experience for your cats, with ample playtime in our well-equipped playrooms and special attention to dietary requirements. Our fully air-conditioned cattery ensures year-round comfort for all our guests. If you’re seeking a premium cat boarding facility in the Adelaide Hills region, contact Hahndorf Boutique Cat Boarding to arrange a relaxing stay for your furry companions. Bookings are essential, and we welcome pre-stay inspections by appointment.