Detailed Information

Gunnerson Labradors is a reputable breeding business located in Mansfield, Victoria, Australia. Specializing in chocolate, black, and yellow Labradors, they aim to share the beauty and joy of these beloved family pets with others. With a focus on breeding Labradors that embody loyalty, even temperament, trainability, and a loving nature, Gunnerson Labradors ensures that their puppies come from registered breeders to guarantee these desirable characteristics.

Founded by Julia Newton, Gunnerson Labradors has a rich history rooted in a deep love for the breed. Julia’s first Labrador, Ajieni, sparked her lifelong passion for Labradors when her family puppy-walked a guide dog puppy in the early 1970s. This experience led to a lasting connection with Labradors and a commitment to providing families with exceptional companions that embody the true essence of the breed.

With a dedication to responsible breeding practices and a genuine love for Labradors, Gunnerson Labradors strives to create lasting bonds between families and their furry companions. Whether it’s through sharing heartwarming stories of past Labradors like Jive and Darcy or celebrating the joy and mischief of current puppies like Tilley, Gunnerson Labradors invites visitors to experience the magic of these wonderful dogs.