Detailed Information

Greystanes Veterinary Clinic, under the leadership of Dr. Ian Petrie, is a renowned establishment dedicated to providing exceptional veterinary care to animals in the community. Dr. Petrie, a distinguished graduate from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, has been a prominent figure in the animal health industry since 1989. His passion for animal welfare led him to establish a mobile veterinary service that extends to the eastern suburbs, showcasing his commitment to reaching and assisting a wide range of animals in need.

With a rich history of service and expertise, Greystanes Veterinary Clinic offers a comprehensive range of veterinary services to ensure the well-being and health of pets. Dr. Petrie’s extensive experience, coupled with his compassionate approach, has earned him a reputation as a highly skilled and caring veterinarian. His dedication to the welfare of animals is further exemplified by his involvement as the head veterinarian at the Animal Welfare League for 15 years, where he performed numerous procedures and provided care to sick animals on a regular basis.

At Greystanes Veterinary Clinic, the focus is not only on providing top-notch medical care but also on fostering strong relationships with both pets and their owners. Dr. Petrie’s continued involvement in the clinic, even in his semi-retired stage, reflects his unwavering commitment to the well-being of animals and his dedication to serving the community. In times of animal health emergencies, clients can rely on Greystanes Veterinary Clinic for immediate and expert assistance, ensuring that their beloved pets receive the best possible care.