Detailed Information

Greencross Vets Warilla – Shell Cove is your local team of dedicated pet care professionals who are truly ‘passionate about pets’ and committed to providing the highest standard of veterinary care and disease prevention to the local community. Led by Veterinary Directors Dr. Ashlinn and Dr. Rosie, the clinic offers a comprehensive range of professional veterinary services utilizing the latest diagnostic equipment. The team at Greencross Vets Warilla – Shell Cove invests themselves emotionally and professionally to ensure that your beloved pets are in the best of hands, whether it’s for preventative health care, weight loss programs, surgery, or diagnostic medicine.

The clinic boasts a team of experienced veterinary professionals, including Veterinarians Kevin, Dr. Claris, Dr. Ashley, Dr. Sophie, and Veterinary Nurses Matile, Bec, Annie, Laura, Nathan, El, Aimee, and more. With a diverse range of expertise and a shared love and passion for animals, the team at Greencross Vets Warilla – Shell Cove is dedicated to providing exceptional care for all furry companions. From surgical cases to day-to-day consultations, the staff members are committed to nursing animals back to recovery and ensuring they go home happy and healthy.

Greencross Vets Warilla – Shell Cove also emphasizes the importance of preventative care, such as heartworm prevention, to ensure the well-being of your pets. The clinic offers a range of heartworm preventatives for both dogs and cats, with a focus on early detection and treatment to avoid potential risks and complications. By prioritizing regular check-ups and preventative treatments, the team at Greencross Vets Warilla – Shell Cove aims to keep your pets healthy and thriving for years to come.