Detailed Information

Greencross Vets Smithfield is a leading veterinary clinic located at Smithfield Shopping Centre in Cairns. Led by Veterinary Director Dr. Teagan Rainford, the experienced local team is dedicated to providing exceptional care for pets. The state-of-the-art clinic features four consult rooms, a surgical theatre, and cutting-edge diagnostic equipment for services such as Radiology, Ultrasound, and Pathology. Conveniently situated inside Petbarn, Greencross Vets Smithfield offers a comprehensive range of professional veterinary services to meet all pet care needs under one roof.

At Greencross Vets Smithfield, the focus is on preventive care and early diagnosis to ensure the health and well-being of pets. Services include vaccinations for kittens, puppies, and adult pets, as well as procedures like spaying and neutering. The clinic is equipped with high-quality radiograph equipment and an in-house laboratory for accurate and rapid diagnostic testing. Additionally, the clinic offers dental care services, including teeth cleaning for cats and dogs, to maintain optimal oral health for pets.

Dr. Teagan Rainford, the Veterinary Director at Greencross Vets Smithfield, brings a wealth of experience in feline medicine and Emergency medicine. With a passion for animal care and a commitment to uncompromising care for pets, Dr. Teagan and her team are available to provide expert veterinary services Monday through Saturday. Greencross Vets Smithfield emphasizes the importance of heartworm prevention, offering a range of preventative treatments for both dogs and cats to safeguard against this potentially fatal disease.