Detailed Information

Greencross Vets Livingstone Road is a leading veterinary practice dedicated to providing exceptional care for pets, understanding that they are cherished members of the family. With a team of experienced veterinarians and support staff, the clinic offers a wide range of professional services, including dentistry, surgery, diagnostic imaging, and preventative health care programs. The clinic prides itself on staying at the forefront of veterinary care through continuous education and the use of the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure accurate and rapid diagnosis of pets’ health conditions.

For cat owners, Greencross Vets Livingstone Road offers specialized services to minimize stress for feline patients, including a dedicated cat waiting area and ward, luxurious cat boarding facilities, and cat-calming pheromone diffusers throughout the clinic. The clinic also provides premium dog boarding facilities and a range of services such as vaccinations, dental care, and ultrasound diagnostics. The team at Greencross Vets Livingstone Road is committed to delivering uncompromising care for pets, promoting their health and well-being through preventive measures and advanced medical treatments.

Founded by experienced veterinarians Janet and Lisa, Greencross Vets Livingstone Road has been serving the community since 2002, with a team of dedicated professionals including veterinarians Lucy, Stelene, Lyn, and Evan, as well as Practice Manager Siobhan. The clinic’s mission is to ensure the optimal health and happiness of pets through personalized care and a compassionate approach. With a focus on preventive medicine and client education, Greencross Vets Livingstone Road is a trusted partner in pet care, offering a comprehensive range of services to cater to all aspects of pet health and wellness.