Detailed Information

Greencross Vets Kangaroo Flat is a cutting-edge veterinary clinic that offers a wide range of professional services to ensure the health and happiness of your pets at every life stage. Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art medical, diagnostic, and surgical equipment, providing comprehensive care under one roof. Our team of highly skilled and dedicated veterinarians and nurses deliver top-notch care and service, focusing on preventative health care, weight management, surgery, and diagnostic medicine. Whether your pet needs vaccinations, dental care, surgery, or diagnostic tests, Greencross Vets Kangaroo Flat is committed to providing uncompromising care for your beloved pets.

Our clinic features advanced diagnostic equipment, including high-quality radiograph machines and in-house laboratory facilities, enabling our veterinarians to accurately diagnose and treat various health conditions in pets. We offer a range of services such as spaying and neutering, vaccinations, dental cleanings, and diagnostic imaging to ensure the well-being of your furry companions. Our team of experienced veterinary nurses, led by dedicated professionals like Kimber, Lucy, Kelly, Gillian, Erin, and Treleane, are passionate about animal care and go above and beyond to provide comfort and support to all patients. With a focus on Emergency and Critical Care, our team is committed to delivering the best possible care for your pets.

At Greencross Vets Kangaroo Flat, we understand the importance of heartworm prevention in pets. Heartworm is a serious parasitic disease that can be fatal if left untreated. Our clinic offers a range of heartworm prevention options for dogs and cats, including tablets, top-spot applications, and yearly injections administered by our veterinarians. Regular heartworm testing and preventative treatment are essential to safeguard your pet’s health and well-being. By prioritizing preventative care and regular check-ups, we aim to keep your pets healthy and happy all year round. Trust Greencross Vets Kangaroo Flat for uncompromising care and support for your beloved pets.