Detailed Information

Greenacre Kennels, owned and operated by Robyn Evans, provides clean, comfortable, and secure accommodation for dogs needing a weekend, week, or longer stay. With extensive hands-on experience in dog care, Robyn ensures that all guests receive top-notch attention and care during their stay. The kennels, constructed of brick and iron, offer a well-ventilated environment free from draughts, ensuring the utmost comfort for furry companions.

Located at 8 Candeloro Road, CANNING VALE WA 6155, Greenacre Kennels is a trusted choice for pet owners seeking reliable and professional dog boarding services. The facility is not currently accepting new client bookings, and a 7-day minimum charge applies for bookings between December 20th and January 2nd. Visitors can explore photos of the kennel facilities and past guests on-site, providing a glimpse into the welcoming environment awaiting their beloved pets.

For those interested in booking a stay or learning more about Greenacre Kennels’ pricing structure, booking procedures, and kennel inspections, detailed information is available on the website. With a focus on providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all canine guests, Greenacre Kennels is a go-to destination for pet owners seeking peace of mind while they are away.