Detailed Information

Gracevale Labradors is a small-scale Labrador Retriever breeder located in Thurgoona, NSW, Australia. Situated approximately 3.5 hours north of Melbourne, VIC, and 6 hours south of Sydney, NSW, our mission is to breed and raise puppies that are the perfect fit for families or individuals who lead an active lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors. Labrador Retrievers are renowned as one of the most popular companion dog breeds globally, and at Gracevale Labradors, we prioritize breeding healthy puppies with specific qualities to ensure they make ideal companions.

  • Our breeding goals focus on producing genetically fulfilled, well-balanced, and socialized puppies that are suited for homes that value an active lifestyle and understand the commitment required to raise a dog.
  • Gracevale Labradors is a registered breeder with both Master Dog Breeders and Associates (MDBA) and the NSW Pet Registry, adhering to strict breeding standards and regulations. We are dedicated to ensuring that our Labrador puppies meet the highest quality standards and are well-suited for families seeking a loyal and active canine companion.

When choosing a Labrador from a breeder, it is essential to align the breeder’s goals with your preferences for a dog. At Gracevale Labradors, we strive to provide families and individuals with Labradors that not only meet their expectations but exceed them, offering a loving and active addition to their households. Contact us today to learn more about our breeding practices and available puppies.