Detailed Information

Goodog Positive Dog Training is a reputable dog training business serving Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Mosman, North Shore, and the Central Coast. With a focus on training dogs to be well-behaved family members, Goodog offers services such as Puppy Preschool, One-on-One training, and Agility classes. The team at Goodog is dedicated to using positive reinforcement methods endorsed by various veterinary associations and animal welfare organizations, ensuring effective and humane training for dogs of all ages and breeds.

  • Barbara, the founder of Goodog, is a highly qualified and experienced dog trainer with a background in canine behavior science and technology. She competes in dog sports like Agility and Rally O, showcasing her expertise in training techniques.
  • Jessie, another trainer at Goodog, brings a wealth of experience in veterinary nursing and companion animal services. Her passion for training stems from her own dog’s journey, making her a compassionate and knowledgeable trainer.
  • Amy, a dedicated trainer at Goodog, specializes in force-free, science-based training methods, particularly focusing on rescue dogs. Her commitment to providing the best start in life for puppies through socialization courses reflects her love for animals and positive reinforcement training.

With a team of skilled trainers like Nathan, Maz, and Jackson, Goodog Positive Dog Training offers a comprehensive approach to dog training, emphasizing trust, understanding, and effective communication between dogs and their owners. Whether you’re looking to improve your dog’s behavior, teach them new tricks, or enhance your bond with your furry companion, Goodog provides the tools and expertise needed to achieve these goals.