Detailed Information

Good Dog Behaviour & Training is a professional dog training and behavior consultancy based in Melbourne, founded by Tim in 2013. With a mission to make dog training accessible, fun, and easy to understand, Good Dog focuses on building cooperative relationships between dogs and their owners. Tim’s expertise in canine psychology and behavior, combined with a passion for helping people better communicate with their furry companions, has made Good Dog a popular choice for dog training in Melbourne.

Specializing in private training sessions, Good Dog caters to all types of dogs and their families, ensuring even the busiest professionals can benefit from their services. Tim’s relationship-centered approach to training, along with his compassionate and personalized teaching style, has garnered praise from clients who have seen significant improvements in their dogs’ behavior. From puppy development to addressing complex behavioral issues, Good Dog is dedicated to helping dogs and their owners live harmoniously together.

Tim, the owner of Good Dog, is not only a skilled dog trainer but also a devoted dog owner to Elliott, who plays a crucial role in puppy socialization and training at the consultancy. With a love for dogs and a desire to help people understand their pets better, Tim and his team at Good Dog are committed to creating happier and healthier relationships between dogs and their human companions in Melbourne.