Detailed Information

The Golden Retriever Club Of SA Inc, through its initiative Caring Canine Companions, is dedicated to bringing companionship and friendship to people in aged care homes. By organizing and managing visits to residents by dogs and their owners, the club aims to bring joy, comfort, and positive health effects to the elderly. Established in 1993, Caring Canine Companions is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health under the Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme, providing a valuable service to combat loneliness and social isolation among aged-care residents.

Under the auspice of the Golden Retriever Club of South Australia, Caring Canine Companions operates with the mission to ensure that every aged care resident in the state has access to the benefits of a visit from a canine companion suitable to their needs and preferences. The Golden Retriever Club of SA, founded in 1972, is the guardian of the Golden Retriever breed in South Australia and is affiliated with DOGS SA and the National Golden Retriever Council. The club promotes quality breeding, care, training, and exhibition of Golden Retrievers while educating owners and breeders and fostering public interest in the breed.

For dog owners and residential care facility managers interested in participating in this heartwarming program, Caring Canine Companions encourages reaching out to learn more about how canine visits can positively impact the lives of aged-care residents. Through the dedication and coordination of dog owners, care home management, and care staff, these visits aim to bring beaming smiles, delighted laughter, and lasting happiness to those in need of companionship and connection.