Detailed Information

Gold Coast Cavoodles is a reputable family-owned business with a long-standing commitment to breeding top-quality Cavoodle puppies. Our focus is on producing healthy, happy, and well-socialized Cavoodles that make wonderful additions to any family. Our parent dogs are cherished members of our family, living their best lives and passing on their exceptional traits to their offspring.

At Gold Coast Cavoodles, we prioritize the health and well-being of our puppies by DNA testing both parents for various diseases and traits to ensure the highest quality breeding standards. Our puppies are raised in a loving environment, exposed to a variety of stimuli and experiences to help them grow into confident and stable companions. We are dedicated to matching each customer with their dream Cavoodle, providing years of love and companionship.

  • Health-tested parent dogs for various diseases and traits
  • Well-socialized puppies raised in a loving environment
  • Limited availability to ensure the best matches for our puppies