Detailed Information

Global Vet Solutions is a trusted provider of comprehensive training solutions for veterinary practices, focusing on enhancing team performance and practice management. Led by Dr. Claire, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in veterinary practice management, the company offers a 15-hour AVA approved online training course designed to improve staff performance and provide essential skills not typically taught in university settings. With a track record of success in veterinary practice makeovers and team communication enhancement, Global Vet Solutions is dedicated to helping veterinary teams excel and thrive in today’s competitive industry.

Dr. Claire’s expertise in building strong veterinary teams and fostering a positive workplace culture sets Global Vet Solutions apart as a go-to resource for practices looking to upskill their staff in areas such as efficient consulting skills, resilience training, emotional intelligence, and stress management. By combining practical infield experience with engaging training methods, Dr. Claire and her team at Global Vet Solutions have earned the trust of industry leaders seeking to elevate their practice performance and client satisfaction. Through a focus on continuous learning and improvement, Global Vet Solutions aims to empower veterinary professionals to reach their full potential and deliver exceptional care to their patients.

As a non-profit organization committed to giving back to the community, Global Vet Solutions donates a portion of proceeds from every online course sold towards animal rescue and rehabilitation efforts. By choosing Global Vet Solutions for training and development needs, veterinary practices not only invest in their own success but also contribute to the emergency relief of animals affected by disasters. With a dedication to helping veterinary practices succeed and thrive, Global Vet Solutions offers a range of resources, including interactive team building events, online learning opportunities, and community programs, to support the growth and well-being of veterinary professionals worldwide.