Detailed Information

Glenfield Road Animal Shelter (GRAS) is a leading animal welfare organization located in the heart of Wagga Wagga, dedicated to reuniting lost pets with their owners and finding loving homes for abandoned animals. With a state-of-the-art facility opened in 2015, GRAS provides top-notch care for over 1500 dogs and 600 cats annually. The shelter is staffed by professional animal rangers and equipped with a self-sustained veterinary room, ensuring a clean, healthy, and safe environment for all animals in their care.

At GRAS, all pet cats and dogs are required by law to be microchipped and registered by the age of 6 months, services that the shelter provides to the community. For those looking to adopt a furry companion, the shelter offers a variety of animals available for adoption. The dedicated animal management team assists potential adopters in finding the perfect pet that suits their family and lifestyle. The City of Wagga Wagga is committed to upholding the highest standards of animal welfare, as evidenced by a comprehensive review conducted by veterinary specialist Jacob Michelsen in April 2016.

Located off Glenfield Road, GRAS serves as a vital resource for the community, responding to complaints regarding straying dogs, barking dogs, dog attacks, nuisance cats, and straying stock. The shelter’s commitment to best practices in animal management and adherence to animal welfare legislation ensures that all animals in their care receive the utmost attention and care. For those interested in supporting their mission or adopting a new furry friend, GRAS welcomes visitors during their opening hours to meet the animals in person and learn more about their adoption process.