Detailed Information

Gladstone Animal Rescue Group Incorporated (GARG) is a compassionate not-for-profit organization located in Gladstone, Queensland, with a heartfelt mission to rescue, provide foster care, and facilitate the rehoming of cats and dogs within the Gladstone Region. Established in 2018, GARG collaborates closely with the Gladstone Regional Council and the local community to offer a safe haven for stray and surrendered pets. At GARG, every animal is valued, and there is no time limit placed on their stay. The dedicated team ensures that each animal receives proper care, love, and necessary veterinary treatments until they find their forever homes.

GARG’s commitment to animal welfare is unwavering, as they pledge to never euthanize a healthy, sociable, or treatable animal under their care. Through their diligent efforts and strong community partnerships, GARG strives to give every animal the opportunity to be adopted into a loving family. By maintaining a presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Gladstone Animal Rescue Group Inc. keeps supporters informed about their rescue activities, success stories, and ways to get involved in their noble cause.

With a focus on compassion and advocacy, Gladstone Animal Rescue Group Inc. stands as a beacon of hope for vulnerable cats and dogs in need. Their dedication to providing a safe and nurturing environment for animals, coupled with their transparent and ethical approach to rescue operations, has earned them the trust and admiration of the local community. For those seeking to support animal welfare initiatives or looking to adopt a furry companion, GARG offers a lifeline for both animals and prospective pet owners in the Gladstone Region.