Detailed Information

Gladesville Veterinary Hospital is a renowned establishment that has been providing a comprehensive range of general and specialist veterinary services since its inception in 1959. With a team of leaders in veterinary health care, the hospital upholds high standards of honesty, ethics, and accountability at all times. Specializing in rehabilitation services effective in treating conditions like arthritis and lameness, the hospital goes above and beyond to achieve outstanding outcomes for their furry patients.

Known for their kindness, understanding, and empathy, Gladesville Veterinary Hospital has built a strong reputation for their compassionate care towards animals and their owners. With a focus on treating feline hyperthyroidism, a common disease in older cats, the hospital is fully qualified to provide expert treatment for this condition. The state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff ensure that pets receive the best possible care and attention.

Committed to serving the community, Gladesville Veterinary Hospital engages in various charitable activities, including pro bono care for injured strays and wildlife. The hospital also supports initiatives like the Sony Foundation’s ‘You Can’ campaign and sponsors local events such as the Dog Show at the Hunters Hill Moocooboola festival. With a dedicated team of professionals and a long history of excellence, Gladesville Veterinary Hospital continues to be a trusted partner in pet care for families in Sydney and beyond.