Detailed Information

Gerringong Pet Accommodation is a well-established pet care facility located in Gerringong, New South Wales. Founded in 2016, the business has been providing loving pet care services to the local community and visitors for over 8 years. The facility is run by Georgi and her son, who have a rich history of working with animals, including experiences in wildlife sanctuaries and animal rehabilitation centers around the world.

Specializing in boarding services for cats and dogs, Gerringong Pet Accommodation offers a unique and personalized experience for each furry guest. The facility is set on a 2-acre property with beautiful gardens where dogs can play and exercise in a safe and supervised environment. The accommodation includes different areas tailored to suit the needs and preferences of various dog breeds, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay for all pets.

  • Services offered include doggy daycare, board and train programs, puppy training, socialization sessions, and more.
  • The facility also provides specialized care for aged and anxious dogs, with a focus on creating a calm and fun environment for all guests.
  • Gerringong Pet Accommodation maintains high care standards and prioritizes the security, safety, health, and happiness of all pets under their care, ensuring that each pet receives individualized attention and affection.